It is not about new albums, new songs. Sometimes you need time to discover how much you love a song, and with time you know if the feeling will last forever or at least for long. So, it is just about music I like, about music I love and I want to share.

Compile Sadmen 8 – June 2011

Nouvelle compile Sadmen, volume 8 pour le mois de juin 2011, enfin terminée, voilà la tracklist et les premiers morceaux (la suite bientôt).

1 – Slow Six – Because Together We Resonate (Toworrow Becomes You, 2010)

2 – M. Ward – Poison Cup (Post-War,2006)

3 – NLF3 – Wild Chants (Beautiful Is The Way To The World Beyond, 2010)

vimeo Direkt

4 – Radiation City – Park (The Hands That Take You, 2011)


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