It is not about new albums, new songs. Sometimes you need time to discover how much you love a song, and with time you know if the feeling will last forever or at least for long. So, it is just about music I like, about music I love and I want to share.

Playlist Kütufolk

Une très belle playlist offerte par le label Kütu-Folk qui nous permet ainsi de retrouver St. Augustine dans une très belle version d’un morceau incroyable, Rainy Country, de quoi sécher toutes les larmes et sourire sans fin.

1. Evening Hymns – Dead Deer  (2010)
2. Kim Novak – Broken Rope (2011)
3. Dempster Highway – Dear (2011)
4. Zak Laughed – The Clothes Make the Man (2011)
5. St Augustine – Rainy Country (2009)
6. Hospital Ships – Carry On (2011)
7. Garciaphone – Silt (2011)
8. The Delano Orchestra – Seawater (2010)
9. Pastry Case – Water Gun or Water Gun (2009)
10. Soso – For a Girl on a Faraway Hill (2010)

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